Information & links from the 2021 Healthy Lifestyle Series: Zoom Learning Sessions happening March – May.

Past sessions:

March 2nd: Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Campaign

This ongoing LEWK project gets our community moving in healthy ways from participating on Team LEWK in spring athletic, climbing the North Face trail during the Alyeska Climbathon, and/or being a part of our EXTRA-TOUGHS program!

Learn more here:

March 16th: Navigating Relationships

Becca Love, a counselor for our EXTRA-TOUGHS program + caregiver retreats, led a discussion on relationships both in and out of the home.

Check out the resources on her website:

April 6th: Providence Cancer Center Supportive Oncology Services

Many of their supportive oncology services are available free of charge and to all cancer patients whether your care is happening at Providence Hospital or not.

In addition to what is shown on this wheel graphic, they provide services for research/clinical trials and have a boutique!

Contact the Providence Cancer Center:

April 20th: Healthy Mind Platter Workshop

Dr. Susan LaGrande shared the seven daily essential activities that maintain strong brain health. Dr. LaGrande is a clinical psychologist who has worked with our LEWK community for 3 years.

Print or download this worksheet to brainstorm ways you can include these activities in your day: Worksheet PDF

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