Part of the 9th annual Gynecologic Cancer Awareness & Arts of Healing Weekend

(held virtually January 29th-31st, 2021)

Watch the 4 panels from the 2021 Gynecologic Cancer Education Course. Each panel consists of three 20 minute talks by leading gynecologic oncologists from around the United States.

To skip to a specific talk, refer to the timestamps listed. Click the Download button to access the PDF file of the speakers’ slides below each talk title.

Thank you to Dr. George Stransky for editing the videos.

Pandemic Era Cancer Care:

00:19 Managing Covid During GYN Cancer Treatment: Surgery, Chemo, Radiation by Amanda Nickels Fader, MD

25:36 Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship: Telehealth Medicine in Cancer Care by Ritu Salani, MD

43:45 COVID 19: Representations and Silver Linings by Angeles Secord, MD

Innovation in Prevention:

00:19 Cutting Edge Ovarian Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Strategies by Karen Lu, MD

21:32 Novel Ways to Screen and Treat Cervical Precancer: Experiences from Around the World by Rachel Masch, MD

41:34 Ending Racism in Women’s Health Care, A Pathway to Saving Lives by Dr. Florencia Greer Polite & Dr. Joanie Mayer Hope

1:05:01 Panel Question & Answer Discussion

Hope for the Cure:

00:20 Latest Targeted Therapeutics by Kathleen Moore, MD

24:11 Updates in Cervical Cancer Therapy: Current & Future Treatments by Leslie Randall, MD

44:35 Long Term Survival in Genetics Driven Parp Inhibitor Therapy by Ursula Matulonis, MD

1:04:23 Panel Question & Answer Discussion

Living Vibrantly Through Cancer:

00:18 Vantages on Vaginal Dryness by BJ Rimel, MD

26:00 Sexual Intimacy and Cancer by Don Dizon, MD

45:30 Quality and Time by Leslie Boyd, MD

1:08:23 Panel Question & Answer Discussion

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